1. Wiya
  2. Hi a la la
  3. Crocodiles in my livingroom
  4. Look at yourself
  5. Ndenge
  6. Hi life baby
  7. Bassa pas ca comme ca
  8. Saxparty
  9. Show me
  10. Get up


Travel and See - recording history.

My first record is a variety of songs that I composed for some years before recording. I had for some years played lots of African music and this influenced me a lot. My first husband Willy Nfor was participating and we co-wrote 3 songs and he put in lots of good ideas. We have Philippe Cheveaux and Guy Bilong on drums, Patric Gorse on percussion, Allie Delfau & Eric Bono on keyboards. Mory Kante did a guest appearance on “Look at yourself” and played a fantastic solo! Other guest appearance was Yves Njock guitar, Paco Sery drums, Asitan Dembele b. vocals, Kiala Nzavotunga guitar and our son Wiya who was only 1 1/2 at the time. Patino mixed the record together with me and Willy.