Sofi Hellborg Gang

Sofi Hellborg is an established saxophonist, singer and composer and has released eight cd,s.

She has played with Mory Kante, Wasis Diop, Tony Allen and Etienne Mbappe. She has lived and worked in London and Paris for 16 years, and performed in many countries worldwide. In 1999 she moved back home to Sweden again, and formed a new band there.

Sofi Hellborg is a unique musician in many ways. And her music, mixing afro, funk and jazz is sofisticated and smart, at the same time as it will fill every dancefloor, in the cool north as well as down south. She has played important festivals such as Tanjazz (Marocco) and Pori Jazz (Finland). Her band consists of top-of-the-line musicians from the jazz and world music circuit.

The Gang is tight and energetic and offers wonderful Afro grooves with jazzy improvisations that make it lively, emotional and danceable.

Sofi Hellborg-saxes, vocal, thumbpiano, Ola Åkerman-trombon, Salieu Dibba-perc, Jon Grinde-drums, Mats Ingvarsson-bas, Magnus Lindeberg-git, Robert Tjäderkvist-key